Total eCommerce Solution For Online Firearms, Guns and Gun Parts

At Gunshop Commerce, we're all about one thing: supporting the online guns and firearms industry. We're a team of top-caliber web marketers, designers and developers who have a passion for firearms, eCommerce, and creating online success stories. We've helped some of the biggest firearms brands online create B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions that have revolutionized their businesses and driven tremendous growth & sales. 

Our History

Gunshop Commerce is the firearms-focused solution from Charlotte, NC web design and marketing agency E-dreamz. With more than twenty years of experience with designing, building, marketing and supporting some of the highest-volume, top-selling eCommerce stores online, E-dreamz is one of the leading eCommerce agencies in the Southeast. While we work with online stores in nearly every major industry, firearms is the marketplace where our skills, technology and marketing focus deliver the biggest results. 

Our Solution

Throughout our years of working in popular eCommerce platforms like Wordpress, Shopify or BigCommerce, we learned quite a few things about the challenges and benefits of those products. Ultimately, they don't work well for the firearms industry because of FFL shipping requirements and the often heavily-customized nature of online gun stores. As such, we decided to build our own website engine in-house, drawing from our years of experience to create an eCommerce CMS that is spec-built to meet the unique needs of the firearms industry. With our own custom FFL component, full control over the code, design and functionality of the site, configurable import tools to ingest product catalogs and data feeds, and our knowledge of online gun shoppers' habits and expectations, we created our proprietary Bullzeye CMS - the best online gun sales platform on the web. Bullzeye is a fully-custom eCommerce platform with tools for product data management, FFL license management, robust shipping and tracking options, an easy to use content management system, and prebuilt integration with the credit card processors that are favorable to working with online gun sales and high-risk industries. Bullzeye is a fast, easy to use, and highly customizable enterprise-level eCommerce platform designed for top-tier, high-volume online gun stores. 

Our Mission

At Gunshop Commerce, we want to be a true partner to our online gun store clients. Our expertise is in designing, building, marketing and supporting high-performing eCommerce websites. We handle all aspects of your digital marketing and technical online support. Through our retainer-based partnerships, we develop a package that meets the budget and needs of each client to ensure the right fit and right effort to drive success for your business. By relying on Gun Shop Commerce to take care of your online needs, you can have the peace of mind that your website is in good hands - allowing you to focus on the other areas of your business that support your online sales growth.


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