5 Firearm Search Engine Hacks from a Leading Gun SEO Company

Gun Shop Ecommerce Store Strategy

Whether you are describing the difference between a Glock 17 vs. Glock 19 in a blog post, or simply optimizing the best 1911 handguns for an eCommerce gun store category page, it’s crucial to understand the best firearm SEO strategy to drive real customers and revenue. 

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

 - Benjamin Franklin

As cliche as it may sound, words on a page do not rank as well as a strategic site architecture with prioritized firearm search terms mapped out for increased visibility and traffic. 

Incorporating related products and mindful, logical grouping of similar firearms is essential for both on-page optimization best-practices as well as delivering the best user experience for your gun store customers. If your customer is purchasing a Beretta, wouldn't it make sense to also display relevant magazines or holsters during the checkout process?

Firearms SEO & Keyword Targeting

How well are you covering the keyword topic compared to competitors? Google is an even playing field for any business with respect to ranking a gun store at the top of search engine results.

Identifying parent keyword topics as well as ancillary search terms “having the same term” will help google search engine bots crawl your website and outrank category competitors as the most comprehensive answer to the search query performed.

Firearm SEO | Gun SEO Company

There are plenty of keyword research tools available online and some are even no cost to get started. However, the same way you wouldn't let a novice shoot a firearm without a professional assistant, during the most important phase in a successful firearm SEO campaign might be best to consult an SEO expert. 

Is Elephant Hunting the Answer to Firearms SEO?

Bigger is not always better when it comes to keyword search volume. Search volumes for popular firearms and gun parts dictate the difficulty in which it takes in order to rank in Google and other search engines. The simple math is the more popular the keyword search term, the more demanding and difficult it is in order to rank. 

For example, the term “Glock 34” has a keyword search volume of 39,000 monthly yet the term “Custom Glock 34” has a monthly search term volume of 700 per month.

Firearm SEO | Gun SEO Company Keyword Research

While product offering will most likely dictate keyword selection and strategy, it's important to remember that ranking on the first page for a long-tail keyword term like “Custom Glock 34” may generate more traffic than ranking on the 7th page for "Glock 34." What do you think?

Site Health Audit & Technical SEO for Gun Stores

There are many behind the scene factors that are required to run a successful SEO campaign and outrank competitors online, below is a list of a few high caliber priorities to earmark as part of your Technical SEO for your gun shop website.

  1. Are you certain your site is crawlable?
  2. Do you have a site that is indexable?
  3. Have you reviewed and submitted your sitemap?
  4. How fast is your website speed to load?
  5. Is there duplicate content on your website?
  6. Is your site mobile responsive?

Correcting site errors through the use of Google Search Console is of the utmost importance in order to maintain the integrity and overall site health score for optimal search engine ranking performance. 

Technical SEO for Gun Store | Google Search Console

However, if you’ve been continuously correcting broken links and completely error-free for the last 90 days and staying up to date with 404 errors and redirects, it will look something like this: Read more information here on how to fix crawl issues for Technical SEO best practices.

Technical SEO for Gun Store | Site Health No Errors

A Gun Industry SEO Company with Expert Results

Navigating the over 200 search engine ranking factors in Google can be quite cumbersome and even paralyzing to prioritize for any gun shop eCommerce owner or firearms marketing team. Therefore, depending on the amount of time and patience you have to learn the intricacies of Search Engine Results, it often makes sense to outsource to a gun industry SEO company that already has proven results in SEO for firearms. 

A strategically implemented SEO Campaign for your eCommerce Gun Store will completely transform your online firearms business into a revenue-generating machine, effectively targeting your customers right at the point of purchase every time without having to pay for additional online advertisements.

Gun SEO & Firearms Marketing Services | GunShopCommerce.com

For more information on a free consultation from one of our firearms SEO experts or to schedule a demo of our proprietary BullzEye CMS (Content Management System) Platform, contact us, and let's start targeting your customers today!