5 SEO Strategies and Tips for Gun Stores

SEO is continuously changing and improving over time and it is incredibly important to the success of your site. Review our list of tips to help create an SEO strategy for your gun eCommerce store.

1) Align your content with search intent

  • What you want to do is first create a list of keywords to figure out which words you’d like to focus on for your gun store. Once the list of keywords are created, you’ll want to see if those are keywords your audience is reviewing. To figure out if those keywords will rank well there are a handful of tools that allow you to see the ranking of your keyword, who’s looking for it, and how hard it’ll be to rank for on your gun or hunting store. Some of these tools include: Moz, Ahrefs, SemRush, and/or Google Analytics. These SEO tools will help you figure out the search intent behind your keywords to properly choose the correct ones.
  • Once you’ve researched your keywords, you’ll need to pick out which keywords you’d like to use based on search intent, traffic, and difficulty. When your keywords are solidified you need to ensure they are added to your content.

2) Create Compelling Meta Information

  • So you have your keywords, but are they properly updated and put into your meta information? If not, you need to create a sentence or two that use your keywords in both the meta title and the meta description.

For example, (using this blog post as an example): 

Meta Title: SEO Strategies | SEO for Gun Shops | GunShopCommerce

Meta Description: Learn tips and tricks to properly add SEO for Gun Shops on your eCommerce website.

  • My main keyword above for the meta-information is “SEO for Gun Shops”, which I made sure to add to both my title and description. Since I added it to both, the search engine can see this is an important phrase to me.

3) Use Internal Linking

  • Once you add in your keywords into both content and the meta information, you’ll then want to find them through your text and link them to other pages on your site that have relevant information.
  • By using internal linking, it is essentially putting an exclamation mark on your main keywords. Just remember not to overdo it with too many links/keywords or which is called “keyword stuffing.” You want to find a nice middle ground. I usually say about 5-10 internal links depending on the length of the content.

4) Include Keywords in your URL

  • This relates similarly to the meta-information. Is your main keyword focus in your URL? Or your main topic? No?! Then you need to add it.
  • Be careful - you don’t want to change all your URLs on the same day. This is something that should be done over time or done when the page is initially created. If you change all your URLs on the same day this will actually have a reverse reaction because your site is already linked on different sites and pages.

5) Optimize your Images

  • Ensure your images load quickly and efficiently on your gun store website. If they do not, then customers will leave quickly as your site should really load within a second or two. The main cause of it not loading quickly is your image sizes. Most images should be optimized and loaded preferably at a size lower than 150kb.
  • You will also want to add alt image tags to all of your images. By doing so, you are essentially adding keyword descriptions to your photos too. This continuously shows the importance of your keywords to search engines.

These are the top five SEO items I would recommend focusing your time on. If you are needing help implementing and continuing the work on your website please contact us to help you with your SEO and marketing efforts on your gun shop website.