Best Gun YouTube Channels

24 Best Gun YouTube Channels (2020 Updated)

Over the past decade or so, YouTube has quickly become the modern-day Wild Wild West with regards to some of the best gun channels for the firearm enthusiast. The king of video content is a ripe production platform for viral videos rivaling the sharpshooting entertainment of years past like the below 1962 classic, "How The West Was Won."

So without further delay,  here is the Gun Shop Commerce list of our Editor's Choice, Best Gun YouTube Channels of 2020, all which are available 100% free on the world's most popular mobile-responsive media channel, YouTube, These "GunTuber " Channels are packed with enough powder to make Gallagher & his Sledge-O-Matic jealous of the watermelon explosions.

The 24 Best Gun YouTube Channels are listed in reverse order because what's really worth reading without a little drama and suspense? 

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#24 Alabama Arsenal

Alabama Arsenal | #24 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @AlabamaArsenal
YouTube Subscribers:  80.7K
YouTube Views: 8,701,492

Joined March 2012

Alabama Arsenal is probably less well known than others on the list but its caliber of reviews and content is worthy of a mention this year. Along with patience for the journey of growing their channel, their motto is: "We conduct in-depth, unbiased reviews on firearms and accessories," and they do it very well indeed, all while maintaining full-time jobs and families aside from this project. The most viewed video below is an in-depth review of the Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot as well as a durability & torture test.  Be sure to keep a close eye on this channel as they are committed to creating "Concise, Unbiased, High-Quality Content" and, of course, "No Gun Sales" via @alabama_arsenal and their Instagram page.

Most Popular Video: Sig Romeo 5 Review and Torture Test | 454,016 Views•posted: Feb 17, 2017

#23 Bigshooterist

Bigshooterist | #23 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @Bigshooterist
YouTube Subscribers:  74.9K
YouTube Views: 7,822,229

Joined October 2011

Old school meets new school here, as the Bigshooterist Channel is taking a full-blown journalistic approach to the content curation and execution of their firearms industry brand. Further proof is boldly stated in their Bio section, "more than 20 years in the Military Firearms industry and a few hundred published articles, it was only natural to make the leap to this next level of publishing..." Their bold approach leaves little room for a silencer, covering everything from firearms Testing & Evaluation to the publication of books, magazine articles, and videos. "We try to cover all aspects."

Most Popular Video:  AirForce Texan SS 457 Air Rifle | 766,322 Views•posted: Jun 21, 2018

#22 HaleyStrategic

HaleyStrateguc | #22 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @HaleyStrategic
YouTube Subscribers:  189K
YouTube Views: 14,902,946

Joined May 2011

Travis Haley is the Gun YouTube Channel kingpin @HaleyStrategic but also, and more importantly,  he is a veteran Force Reconnaissance Marine having served over 15 years of dedicated real-world experience including combat tours in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.  Haley Strategic is positioned as "Haley Strategic Knowledge Transfer Channel." For more information on upcoming Haley Strategic training, product reviews, events, and other news can be found in greater detail at, along with the righteous statement in the sidebar of "Without a plan of execution, knowledge is only potential power."

Most Popular Video:  RUN A SCAR or MK16/17 like a BOSS!  789,464 Views•posted Dec 14, 2011

  #21 Taran Tactical

Taran Tactical | #21 Best Gun YouTube Channel

 YouTube Channel URL:  @TaranTactical
YouTube Subscribers:  219K
YouTube Views: 73,507,682

Joined March 2013
Taran Butler comes locked and loaded with a red carpet Hollywood connection that would make Clint Eastwood proud, as he has helped train and/or worked with the likes of James Cameron, Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Garner, Collin Farrell, Chris Hemsworth and more. In this regard Taran Tactical is a break from the norm as we get to see celebrity cameos training with high powered weapons from behind the scenes.  If that lineup weren't enough on his resume, Taran has accumulated an entire trophy case full of shooting competitions in which he's been decorated at the highest level. In his most viewed video below, you get to see him train with Keanu Reeves & Halle Berry. For a full list of Taran Butler's Filmography read more here. 

Most Popular Video: Keanu Reeves MPZ Run With Halle Berry  |  17,882,507 Views•posted May 21, 2019

#20 Pew Pew Tactical 

Pew Pew Tactical | #20 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL: @pewpewtactical
YouTube Subscribers:  88.4K
YouTube Views: 5,931,372

Joined October 2011
One of the firearm industry's best mediums for all things gun-related, Pew Pew Tactical even states on their About Us page: "Think of us like your gun-obsessed buddy who is really awesome at explaining stuff, and doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes." The tagline: 'GUNS. GEAR. GUIDES. REVIEWS.' is placed atop their YouTube Channel homepage and when it comes to reviews, it is probably best heard from the proverbial horse's mouth. In their own words: "Our guideline for recommending something is “would we recommend this to our best friends and family?” which makes no surprise. Their most viewed video below is Red Dot Review to help make those tough pistol part purchases. Finally, Pew Pew Tactical has their own list of the best gun YouTube Channels that is definitely worth a look as well. 

Most Popular Video: Red Dots vs EOTech Holographic Sights: What’s Best For You?  | 885,656 Views•posted Jan 1, 2019

#19 Kentucky Ballistics

Kentucky Balistics | #19 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @whatsupitsdabrick
YouTube Subscribers:  81.5K
YouTube Channel Views:  108,867,235

Joined May 2010
Kentucky Ballistics opened their YouTube production a few years ago and has been gradually picking up audience members and fans since. This former Kentucky State Trooper has a tagline in the bio of the YouTube channel stating simply, "Good clean shooting fun!" Moreover, their social platforms promote the channel as "A YouTube channel that doesn't take itself too seriously. We just like to shoot, have fun, and share our experiences with you!" 

Most Popular Video:  50 BMG vs Atlas Stone (380 lbs!!!)  |  5,857,386 Views•posted Oct 30, 2018

#18 The Daily Shooter

The Daily Shooter | #18 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @TheDailyShooter
YouTube Subscribers:  244K

YouTube Channel Views:  41,291,190

Joined February 2013
The Daily Shooter is hosted and co-created by William McNeill along with his wife Candace McNeill who is the Videographer of the operation as well. The tag-team duo tackles everything from Guns to Gear, to Reviews & even Politics. The quality content and expertise are really geared towards offering valuable content and reviews prior to purchasing. The super polished and honest outlook and raw perspective of William really postures the channel as a go-to trusted advisor offering free advice to all things ammo and firearms. 

Most Popular Video:  22LR An up-close look and comparison of rounds, brands and bullet types | 1,265,247 Views•posted Feb 13, 2014

#17 Kirsten Joy Weiss 

Kristen Joy Weiss | #17 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL: @KirstenJoyWeiss
YouTube Subscribers:  284K
YouTube Channel Views:  20,713,806

Joined June 2013
Kristen is a Multi-Champion, award-winning trick shot sharpshooting talent with real shooting tips and tricks for everyone from the Noob to Pro Shooter. Her bio and stats have accumulated some major rewards from Olympic Trials Finalist to Gold & Silver Medals from here to overseas. This is one of our favorite gun YouTube Channels only because its a break from the norm and highly entertaining marksmanship She is all about breaking records and gun stereotypes as she states in the channel description and no doubt is doing so. with her, "TRICK SHOTS, gun reviews, shooting tips, gun humor & other fun with anything that SHOOTS!" 

Most Popular Video: Long Range TRICK SHOT - STANDING Position! - EGG (Crazy TINY Target)
 |  2,744,844 Views• posted Dec 21, 20

#16 The Gun Collective

The Gun Collective | #16 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @TheGunCollectibve
YouTube Subscribers:  233K
YouTube Channel Views:  31,598,912 

Joined  Feb 2015

The Gun Collective makes the bold claim in their description, "This is the internet’s new home for firearms news, gun porn, and the highest quality gun content around." Coincidentally, and while staying on topic with this post, recently The Cun Collective if a piece on  "Top Gun Channels - Where Are They Now?" in order to revisit the subscriber numbers of previous targets in the ever-populating Top YouTube Gun Channels in order to revisit the numbers and gauge the massive growth of subscriber counts since the last appearing on The Gun Collective prior. Definitely worth a look... 

Most Popular Video: Welcome to The Gun Collective |  950,558 Views• posted Jun 22, 2015


TAWNGnBANG YouTube Channel | #15 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @TWANGnBANG
YouTube Subscribers:  446K
YouTube Channel Views:  79,958,405

Joined Since May 2012
Channel Brief: TWANGnBANG derives their YouTube handle and name from exactly what it sounds like, the TWANG of a bow and the BANH of a gun, among other things in between. As far his content, he is spot on with reviews and amassing a faithful following of firearm enthusiasts, however, he is not a self-proclaimed expert, in fact, he stated the near opposite:  "Also, keep in mind that I'm not Consumer Reports, and I'm not the Bureau of Consumer Protection. I'm just a guy who likes to share what I like about bows, guns, and other cool stuff."  And just maybe, an example of the other cool stuff he could be referring to is within the most viewed video below incorporating an exploding arrowhead.

Most Popular Video: Exploding Arrowhead! Bow Mag 357 Magnum (#Fortnite Boom Bow) | 6,613,417 Views• posted Jul 3, 12014 

#14 Mrgunsngear Channel

Mrgunsngear youtube channel | #14 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @Mrgunsngear
YouTube Subscribers:  440K
YouTube Channel Views:  85,008,386

Joined Since September 2012
Channel Brief:  Mrgunsngear gun focused YouTube channel is created by a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and a Veteran that served in the USAF as well as the US Army. Reviews are super technical and pro tips on firearm maintenance such as how to disassemble clean and lubricate a Barrett M107A1 & M82 50 CAL Rifle as well as the most popular video below on how to clean and lubricate an AR-15 Rifle makes for valuable content that both informs and entertains this growing audience and fan-base of subscribers. 

Most Popular Video:  How To Clean & Lubricate Your AR-15 Series Rifle (HD) |  1,107,568Views• posted Nov 14, 2012

 #13 Nutnfancy   

Nutnfancy YouTube Gun Channel | #13 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @Nutnfancy
YouTube Subscribers:  822K
YouTube Channel Views:  317,075,193

Joined Since July 2006
Channel Brief: 
Nutnfancy is one of the O.G.'s of the video review world when it comes to firearms & gear advice, closing in on 20 years online. He is a retired Lt Col USAF Pilot with 21 yrs of service and stipulates that all reviews are 100% his own with zero influence or money exchanged as he buys or borrows all gun and gear reviewed. Interestingly enough, his most popular video has nothing at all to do with guns, but most certainly added to the channels subscriber count and a huge squirrel nod to the brand: Nutnfancy. Editor's Note: There is a backup or B Channel for Nutnfancy called Lt. Col. Nutnfancy in case the gun laws change with regards to content online as they've claimed, "if and when YouTube/Google bans or heavily controls freedom of information on "dangerous things."

Most Popular Video: Weasel vs Ground Squirrel: Nature's Combat | 3,788,035 Views• posted  Sep 24, 2015

#12 Garand Thumb 

Garand THumb | #12 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @BritishTang
YouTube Subscribers:  710K
YouTube Channel Views:  80,962,154

Joined Since May 2006
Channel Brief: 
Garand Thumb is unique in the mere fact he is an active duty military guy who enjoys firearms, fitness, and humor. As seen in his most popular video below, his unique take on comparing civilian and military AR's offers an intimate insight into the differences of rifles within the two divided worlds. It's this military perspective starkly contrasted with the civilian world that continues to deliver a vastly different look into YouTube channel gun reviews online.     

Most Popular Video: Military M4 vs High-End Civilian AR15 3,788,035 Views• posted  Sep 24, 2015

#11 Sootch00 

sootch00 | @11 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL: @Sootch00
YouTube Subscribers:  985K
YouTube Channel Views:  294,544,726 

Joined September 2008
Channel Brief:  
From Glock comparisons to AR 15 reviews, Sootch00 is another staple in the Youtube gun channel community, his self pronounced Christian conservative lifestyle offers "FUN GUN REVIEWS & SENSIBLE SURVIVAL" videos that have accumulated nearly 1 million subscribers and growing since inception in 2008.  "Rugged Individualism, Independent Thinking, & Self Reliance."  This channel is nothing short of the hypothetical scenario if Rambo & Rocky had a love child that was born in a survival kit instead of a womb.

Most Popular Video: Classic Firearms Tour! Surplus Gun Heaven |  7,144,062 Views• posted  April 24, 2018

#10 Colin Noir 

Coloin Noir | #10 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @MrColionNoir
YouTube Subscribers:  1.35M
YouTube Channel Views:  165,352,062 

Joined January 2011

Colion Noir
has been a staple of the YouTube Gun Channel Community and is leading the pack with partnerships and video collaborations deals with NRATV until it recently shut down late last year, and many other media/celebrity opportunities stemming from his original and still successful YouTube Channel. He has established himself as far more than just a YouTube personality and is remains an active civil rights champion, an attorney and was even cast in his own web series called NOIR, where he could be found giving talks about what might be the preferred weapon of choice during an inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Most Popular Video:  7 Types of People At The Range | NOIR Season 6  10,266,362 Views• posted  Sep 20, 2017

#9 Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek | #9 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @MiculekDotCom
YouTube Subscribers:  1..25M
YouTube Channel Views:  188,228,499

Joined May 2011

"My name is Jerry Miculek, and guns are what I do"
... stated  NY the man himself, in the opening of the featured video on his channel.  Jerry is the real deal and a living legend, as one of the, if not the fastest professional shooter of this generation and the next. There is no doubting the reason for the popularity of his brand as he checks all the boxes, from comedy to fast shooting to unpredictable and laughable fun times.  For a deeper dive into the Major accomplishments & wins over the course of Jerry's career take a peek at his Wikipedia page here., where you will see words like 4x, 8x, and 10x Champion of multiple shooting competitions... Can you say domination? Or, perhaps it's finally the Alien apocalypse mentioned earlier coming to fruition :)

YouTube Channel description: "Fast shooting? Check! SlowMo?  Check! Comedy? Check! What more could you POSSIBLY want from a firearms channel!? ..."

Most Popular Video: Double Barreled 1911 pistol quad wield rapid fire! 20 rounds in 1.5 seconds.. .|  10,266,362 Views• posted  May 25, 2015

#8 Forgotten Weapons 

Forgotten Weapons | #8 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @ForgottenWeapons
YouTube Subscribers:  1..7M
YouTube Channel Views:  612,847,385

Joined Since May 2011
Forgotten Weapons
is one of the most popular, interesting, and right up there with the best YouTube gun channels online. There is a fair warning prior that this is not your average gun channel and most likely if you are looking for generic guns, this isn't the place. Still don't believe us, this is from them, "You're much more likely to find a video on the Cei Rigotti or Webley-Fosbery here than an AR or Glock."  And if perhaps you didn't happen to read the bio, your first hint should then be the fact that their most popular video below contains the word 'Gatling Gun' in its title as a reference to compare a modern M134 Minigun.

Most Popular Video: M134 Minigun: The Modern Gatling Gun | 6,972,356 Views• posted  May 25, 2015

#7 Vickers Tactical

Vickers Tactical | #7 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @VickersTacticalInc
YouTube Subscribers:  836K
YouTube Channel Views:  

Joined March 2009
Vickers Tactical is the YouTube Gun Channel of retired US Army Veteran, Larry Vickers of Tier One Special Operations. Larry is an experienced combat marksmen firearms instructor and accessory developer & consultant. He is also an accomplished author of the Vickers Guides Firearms books. More information on Vickers Tactical can be found on the website here:

Most Popular Video:  Inside AK-74 .| 16,718,244 Views• posted  May 25, 2015

#6 Military Arms Channel

Military Arms Channel | #6 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @MilitaryArmsChannel
youTube Subscribers:  1.07M
YouTube Channel Views:  197,841,825

Joined September 2008
"We celebrate military history and our 2nd Amendment rights here at MAC by bringing you to the range to shoot with us via a camera. Join us on the range!" 
The Military Arms Channel (MAC) was created by a former Marine (Special Forces) with a desire to spread his passion for the firearms community. MAC is one of the longest-running Gun YouTube channels having started in 2008. 

Most Popular Video:  5.7x28mm vs. 22 Magnum |  2,335,700 Views• posted Sep 7, 2014

#5 Funker Tactical

Funker Tactical | #5 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @FunkerTactical
YouTube Subscribers:  1.05M
YouTube Channel Views:  143,668,069

Joined March 2012
Funker Tactical claims in their description to be, "Videos About Fighting. All Kinds." Focused on Training for the Fight, as stated in the banner of their YouTube channel, a YouTube gun channel focused and developed for the audience of Military, Law Enforcement, & Civilian Defenders. As seen in their most popular video below, this channel is packed with non-stop firearm, fast shooting action. 

Most Popular Video: FAST SHOOTING COMPILATION | Instructor Zero | Tac Pills vol.1 | 10,003,822 Views• posted  April 6, 2014

#4 IraqVeteran8888

IraqVeteran8888 YouTube channel | #4 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @IraqVeteran8888
YouTube Subscribers:  2.37M
YouTube Channel Views:  644,312,143

Joined Since February 2008 
IragVeteran8888 is another staple and one of the original pioneers from the early days of Gun YouTube channels and video content for gun reviews and firearm fanatics. From the co-creator of the IraqVeteran8888 family, Eric, here is a link to the full interview where he speaks on the idea behind creating the channel, "I got back from Iraq in 2006 and found work to be in short supply. I wasn’t unemployed, but I wasn’t working full-time either. I had a lot of spare time on my hands to do little things. I don’t know what made me start, but I started making these videos and put them up on YouTube. One thing led to another." One thing has led to another and they are now at nearly 2.5M subscribers and counting. 

Most Popular Video: RANGE TEST: THE ULTIMATE AR-15 MALL NINJA TACTICAL ZOMBIE DESTROYER 31,113,139 Views• posted  June 23, 2012

#3 FullMag

FullMag YouTube Channel | #3 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL: @FullMag
YouTube Subscribers:  2.51M
YouTube Channel Views:  376,716,192

Joined Since February 2007
Channel Brief: 
Touted as YouTube's Resident Firearms Expert, Richard Ryan enjoys pairing his passion for guns as a professional gun safety instructor with an explosion of irony as he continually blows things up on his channel.  His successes have afforded him the opportunity to get into other businesses such as owning his own clothing and coffee company. More often than not, the videos are packed with action and click-baited titles for maximum entertainment. For a specific example, the name of his most-watched video below is entitled, "Will Bulletproof Glass Stop A .50 Cal?"

Most Popular Video:"Will Bulletproof Glass Stop A .50 Cal?"  |  31,694,223 Views• posted  Nov 29, 2016

#2 Hickok45 

Hickok45 Logo | #2 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @Hickok45
YouTube Subscribers:  5.09M
YouTube Views: 1,409,585,662 

Joined Since January 2007
Hickok45 is one of the longest-running and most well-known YouTube Gun Channels on the web and consistently lives atop most lists of Best Gun YouTube Channels. "You're at a drama-free, "family-friendly" shooting channel!" is proudly stated in the description of the channel. The videos are hosted by Greg Kinman, a retired Sheriffs Officer with a tour of 10 years from Tennessee. Hickok45 is a registered trademark of Hickok 45 LLC. 

Most Popular Video:: 460 Magnum vs Watermelons  | 31,694,223 Views• posted  Nov 29, 2016

#1 DemolitionRanch

DemolitionRanch | #1 Best Gun YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel URL:  @DemolitionRanch
YouTube Subscribers:  8.41M
YouTube Views: 1,350,213,796

Joined January 2011
DemolitionRanch is the YouTube gun channel and brainchild of creator Matt Carriker’s and in terms of the numbers, it is by far and away from the top gun channel on YouTube at over 8 million subscribers and counting.  The tagline is "NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUN CHANNEL"  His other channel Off the Ranch is gaining subscribers daily as well and already at 3.5M or so. 

Most Popular Video:  How Deep into Dirt Will It Go? 
21,654,602  Views• posted  Mar. 26, 2017

The Future of the Best Gun YouTube Channels

With the political party's constantly battling over the details regarding 2nd Amendments rights as well as the fairly newness of the YouTube phenomenon, it's uncertain how long the best gun YouTube channels will be available for your viewing pleasure. However, there is no reason to borrow any unnecessary misery from tomorrow as they are still going strong today. with plenty of exciting Firearms entertainment for free. 

If you have a YouTube Gun Channel, or you feel we missed one in the list above, please feel free to drop us a line for our Editors to review. 

Thanks for stopping in, and remember if you are looking to start your own online gun shop, or you need help optimizing your current eCommerce gun store for search engines, contact us to request a free demo of our proprietary BullzEye CMS platform for your gun-friendly website with FFL cart components included in the build.