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Our latest firearms eCommerce website launch is for 80PBuilder.com. 80PBuilder, previously known as 80 Percent Glock, reached out to E-dreamz in need of a new website and a full re-brand. They were stuck in a BigCommerce site that wasn't meeting their needs and were looking for a full-custom website solution that could be tailored to create the exact customer experience they wanted. That's our wheelhouse, so we drafted up a plan and got to work.


The 80PBuilder.com website sells primarily 80 percent Glock build your own handgun kits. 80PBuilder works with a select group of manufacturers to provide high-quality gun parts and gun components that fit Glock models. Most of their products are sold as bundled kits with various selections customers can make to customize and assemble components within the kit exactly as they want. This means picking the color and finish of your slide and barrel, choosing whether or not you want sights or other accessories installed, and deciding which features and components you need to build the Glock you want. This, of course, required a heavily customized website front-end and back-end SKU and inventory-management solution to ensure that all the build-your-own and pre-configured kits were set up and managed effectively.


80PBuilder's shopping experience is unlike most any other conventional eCommerce website. The build-your-own nature of their core gun parts products necessitated a completely custom user experience. Our designers and UI team built multiple iterations of product and kit selection and configuration screens, categories, grouped-kit displays and other completely custom UX features to make the complex shopping experience as streamlined and user-friendly as possible.

Inventory Management
The most complex feature of the 80PBuilder.com website is its intelligent inventory management. Since the site sells mostly bundles and kits that are comprised of multiple individual SKUs, some of which might be shared across many different bundled items, having an inventory system in place that could intelligently take out items out of stock - and put them back in stock - when any of their required sub-items went in or out of stock was critical. Our programmers spent an intensive amount of time building a back-end inventory management system and front-end stock-control system that could dynamically loop through all items, bundles, kits and categories on the site to intelligently set display statuses based on the available stock for any given sub-product SKU. The end result is a fast-loading front-end that always shows customers what's available and makes it easy for 80PBuilder's administrators to see where stock is getting low on the backend.

Branding & Marketing
We engaged with 80PBuilder in a full partnership, handling all aspects of their digital marketing. Our team of firearms marketing experts helped 80PBuilder with their images, content, and branding, their social media management, their email marketing, on-site SEO, and community outreach through social groups, forums and Reddit. In just a few months, we were able to drive triple-digit percentage growth to their online sales and establish them as one of the premiere names in the 80 percent Glock building community.

We're proud of our relationship with 80PBuilder and the success we've shared. If your'e a firearms or gun parts company looking to grow your brand or increase your online sales, contact us today to learn more about how GSC can be a partner for your gun store eCommerce project..