Design & Planning tips for Online Gun Stores

Gun shop eCommerce

Product first design for gun eCommerce stores

Making your products front and center of your website, on each page, is key when planning for an online gun store. You’ll want to make sure your products, advertisements, and sales are easy to find along with up-close, detailed pictures of your products. When planning for a gun product detail page, you’ll want to make sure all of the options are clearly listed along with descriptions of each part of the gun especially if they are configurable. Most smart gun owners know that there are many parts and pieces to a firearm and they will want as many details as possible before making this pricey purchase.

Firearm photography for online gun shops

Clear, sophisticated, and professional photography of your firearms is absolutely necessary when planning for your gun eCommerce store. There is absolutely no way around it — you will need to plan to set up a lightroom to take your own photographs, hire a professional photographer or work with the firearm distributor if you have one, who may have photography on hand for you to use. Either way, photography is an important key trust factor when it comes to buying and selling guns online. Bottom line: you do not want to appear untrustworthy online. Unprofessional photos can make your gun website feel unprofessional or unpolished which will deter folks from purchasing your guns online. Check out Smith & Wesson, a large eCommerce online gun store, who have clear photos of each specific firearm on their website.

  • Consider taking lifestyle photography of folks using your products outside or at the gun range to show the products in action.
  • The trend of “gun porn” has become popular within the industry showing guns in different artistic settings.

Advertise online specials for your firearm store

Be sure to advertise sales and specials on your website for users who are just browsing your gun website or for folks who are interested in collecting firearms instead of purchasing guns solely for personal protection. Many of these folks may or may not know what they are looking for when coming to your gun website but might feel the desire to add a good deal to their cart from time to time.

  • Consider advertising sales and specials around the holidays when people are looking to spend money on a larger gift or purchase.

E-mail advertising for online gun stores

Unfortunately, Google has pretty strict rules and restrictions when it comes to advertising firearms online so you might have to get creative in promoting your gunshop brand online. E-mail advertising is a great way to reach your customer base with new deals, specials, product and company news and since it is not considered traditional online advertising you will not be penalized for doing this. E-mail marketing is also a great way to increase revenue for your eCommerce business and is very easy to do. 

  • Don’t forget to include clear and obvious spots on your website for entering an e-mail address to get signups for your newsletters. We highly recommend having a few call-to-actions with this information along with keeping it somewhere stationary on your gun eCommerce websites like the header, a sidebar within the blog or the footer.

Social media advertising for online gun shops

Another easy and effective way to advertise your products online without the restrictions of Google is using social media. Many firearm websites use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to post photos of different guns, gun packages, specials, and more to show off products. It’s also a good idea to break up these posts every now and then with a few ideas that are non-commercial. For example, a couple of ideas we have used are pro-2nd Amendment quotes, information on the company selling the products or gun-related pop-culture references. By promoting outside of just your regular everyday products, you will attract more followers outside of your base and appear less sales-oriented. Don’t forget that humor also goes a long way on social media so don’t be afraid to break up your posts with a few jokes or memes from time to time.

  • Get up-to-date with the latest gun-related hashtags used on Instagram to help gun enthusiasts find you. Some of the ones we commonly see include #gunporn, #secondamendment, #2a, #proguns, #pewpew and more! Get creative and think about a hashtag that could be unique to your brand.
American pride

Americana theme goes a long way with gun advertising

It’s no secret that gun rights activists love the USA and all things Americana. So there is no reason to not use this to your advantage by creating content, graphics, banners, and other firearm advertisements centered around the love of the USA. If your guns and gun parts are made in the USA be sure to include this on your gun parts eCommerce website, in your company descriptions on social media and in your email blasts to show your support of the US economy. It’s also a smart idea to advertise your support of the 2nd Amendment and your rights as a US citizen to have guns for personal protection and leisure. Doing all of these things combined will only target your ideal audience more and ensure your America-loving clientele are shopping at the right place that goes along with their morals and beliefs.

  • Include this quote where possible from the 2nd Amendment: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Content writing for eCommerce gun stores

Content is king for any business online and this does not exclude online gun stores. You’ll want to create a blog or media section to include information on products, company news, and opinion pieces about the gun industry as a whole. Go ahead and create a content calendar and start generating ideas for blogs to get the ideas flowing so you can have a lot of ideas on hand to pick and choose from. Be sure to advertise new products within your blog and maybe try to stay up to date with the latest gun industry news like laws being passed which are of heavy interest to the gun community.

  • Don’t forget to share articles and opinion pieces from large names within the gun industry like the NRA who has a very active blog and resource center.

If you are looking to build a gun shop eCommerce website or want more information on firearms eCommerce in general, contact GunShop Commerce today and we will get back to you shortly.