Essential eCommerce Checklist for Gun Stores - Part III

Setting up an online gun parts store and eCommerce website design can be overwhelming with the number of items needed to ensure your website is high-quality and done to the correct standards. To combat this challenge, we have come up with a checklist list of essentials you will need when setting up your eCommerce store. From the basics of what to include on your eCommerce website to digital marketing tips, we hope this checklist will help you stay organized and on track when setting up your website. We already covered 18 basics in Part I and Part II and hope you enjoy reading Part III with nine more tips.

19. Product and informational videos boost eCommerce sales

Videos on your gun shop eCommerce store can have many uses and benefits to your site as a whole. The main reason most gun shops include videos is to show how the firearms they are selling work and function. You can simply show these off at a range or wherever you plan to shoot - just make sure it is a location that is legal to shoot at. Along with videos demonstrating your product, it's a smart idea to show videos explaining your product too. These could be simple with product shots and a voice over or more visual with showing the product in use at the same time. Lastly, informational videos about your company or tips and tricks for the gun industry are also a good idea to get your name out there. Cleaning tips for your firearms, safety rules for firearms, your company’s history, or even your thoughts on current events surrounding the gun industry could be some topics to explore in a video.

20. Include a search bar in the header area of your eCommerce website design

Not all of your customers will use the main navigation or call-to-actions to find what products they want to purchase or browse through. Some folks will simply use the search bar in your header to look for a firearm, part, or accessory. This is becoming a pretty normal standard for eCommerce web design as it’s easier to sometimes find what you are looking for this way if you already have an idea or know what keyword will bring up the particular product you want to look at.

21. Leverage social media on your eCommerce website design

Social media can be leveraged to an eCommerce store in two main ways: by connecting with your customer base and by creating actual sales. Social media is a smart decision for any company to connect with customers but also allows you to advertise products and link directly to them. You can also use social media to answer customer questions. Overall, most people on the internet have some sort of social media presence, 3.8 billion to be exact, and studies have shown that people trust websites that have social media presence more so than those who do not, and trust is everything on the internet when a person is shopping online. People want to be able to trust that they are getting the product they are paying for and that the source in which they are shopping from is credible. Overall, social media is a necessity for eCommerce success and is only predicted to continue to grow

We suggest you include social links somewhere prominent and possibly a social feed somewhere on your website design to get the optimal usage of social media for your website. Don’t forget to also include your social links at the bottom of your email newsletters for another way to easily access these besides just your eCommerce website design.

22. Include a newsletter capture somewhere prominent like the footer area

E-mail marketing is absolutely a necessity for gun shop websites and having a newsletter sign-up on your site is one of the best ways to capture the email addresses from customers and those browsing your site. We highly recommend you put the newsletter sign-up form somewhere prominent on the website design like the footer or even header area. You can also design out a designated call-to-action for this to live on your gun shop homepage. If you have a news or blog area, this is also a great place to put a newsletter sign-up section since those interested in your company’s news will also likely be interested in your company newsletter.

23. Support information is key to a happy customer

Have you ever purchased something from an online shop and not been able to get into contact with the company after the purchase? Maybe you are wondering about shipping, need to cancel an order, or change something on the order. Yeah, we agree, this is pretty frustrating. This is why we recommend that all gun shop eCommerce web design stores make sure to have support information listed on their site somewhere and make sure it is somewhere universally accessible from each page on the website like the header or footer. For users buying larger purchases like guns, this only becomes more important as they are likely to be spending a lot of money at your store and may leave bad reviews if they can’t get in contact with your customer service team. Go ahead and do yourself and your customers a favor and make sure this information is listed somewhere on the site and somewhere clear.

24. Sign up for Google My Business

If you have a physical location with operating hours and a staff working with customer service then a Google My Business page is a necessity. These pages will allow a customer to see your business hours, address, and read reviews about your business if you have them. If your business has been around for a while it is likely that you may already have a page and not know it but the good news is you can claim it. One positive thing about Google My Business is that it is completely free to use, you just have to qualify for it first. For more information about Google My Business for gun shop websites read this article from Charlotte web design agency, E-dreamz, here. 

25. Don't forget basic SEO and keyword research

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a driving force for your eCommerce brand and business. With SEO, the right keywords, and site structure, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website that you wouldn’t get otherwise. We use tools like Ahrefs and SEM Rush to find out the most critical and effective keywords to promote a brand. Be sure to include these keywords in your gun shop product descriptions and product category pages, the company about us page, and your blog/news sections.  For more information on the importance of SEO for eCommerce stores and all of the ways to optimize SEO read this article from BigCommerce here.

26. Email Marketing is extremely important for gun advertising and sales

Email marketing for gun shops is key to getting sales and contacts especially since Google has many restrictions on advertising for the gun industry in general. Make sure your emails advertise your company in a positive light with information besides just products. You’ll want to include some content from your blog, images, and company links so your emails don’t appear too sales-focused which can cause a person to unsubscribe from your newsletters fast. Along with newsletter emails make sure you have the different emails set-up on your website through your gun shop content management system. This includes follow-up emails after a user has purchased a product, abandoned cart emails for when a user clicks out of a site and doesn’t make a purchase and survey/review emails to find out how you can better serve your customer base. For more information on emails for gun shops and emails for eCommerce web design check out our blog post here.

27. Chat support software adds a personal touch to eCommerce websites

One main and obvious feature that eCommerce stores do not have that brick-and-mortar stores have is the in-person interaction with a salesperson in-store. For some people, this is fine and they are not bothered by it but for others, they miss the ability to ask questions to the folks selling the products. Chat support is a great alternative to this for eCommerce stores and should not be overlooked especially if you are in an industry like firearms where the customer is likely deciding between many similar products and potentially spending a good amount of money.

To put it simply, chat support software allows for the personal touch you are missing on your eCommerce website and allows the user to ask whatever questions they have right away instead of through a contact form to ask questions that you may wait days to respond to or a phone call which you may miss. Chat support also has the benefit of allowing you to talk to multiple customers at a time and usually offers after-hour support by emailing you the questions and information the customer asks while you are away so you can reach out to them. 

  • TIP: Be sure to have a designated person on your team to answer your chat so they can stay organized well.

We hope you have enjoyed our 27 tips on eCommerce essentials for gun shops. Many of these tips also apply for basic eCommerce web development too. If you have any questions or want to get started on boosting your brand or an eCommerce website design, contact GSC today.