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We're excited to announce our latest firearms eCommerce website launch - HamiltonRifle.com. Hamilton Rifle Company (HRC) is a brand new online gun store from an industry name with roots that reach back to the 1800s. GSC is proud to be a small part of HRC's ongoing story of success and the beginning of a rich eCommerce experience bringing their products to the forefront of eCommerce technology.


The hamiltonrfifle.com website sells a carefully-curated selection of handguns, long guns, and knives from premier brands like Beretta, Glock, Moki, and more. Hamilton Rifle's goal is to provide a fast and simple user experience for customers looking for rare, collectible, used, or hard-to-find models from their partner brands. Hamilton Rifle Co is a family business with generations of heritage in the firearms industry. Their customer-first mentality and deep industry knowledge help them fill a unique niche within the greater online gun sales industry. 


As a new company, Hamilton Rifle Company needed a full branding package. Our team of GSC designers met with Hamilton Rifle's owners to get a sense of their business, their focus, and their vision for their online gun store. We then developed logo concepts, color palettes, fonts, and branding guides to help establish their business's new identity. From there, we of course then design a unique, simple, clean, and easy-to-use eCommerce website for their initial launch. From ideation to creative, to web design, user experience, execution, and launch - GSC truly handled all aspects of Hamilton Rifle's new online business.

When launching a new site for a new brand, getting initial organic traffic and keyword ranking results is a real challenge. GSC's marketing team treats firearm search engine optimization, and SEO strategy for gun dealers as not only a vital step in the process but instead, as important as the trigger is to the gun for all components to function. Living among the first generation of the searchable internet offers little to no excuse for your brand and website to do nothing but dominate your firearm industry niche online. Our white hat SEO services have amplified and ignited awareness for all of our online gun shop clients for the past 2 decades. Schedule a demo with one of our team members to find out more.

Brand Building
As a true partner with GSC, our efforts for HRC don't stop with web development and SEO. Hamilton Rifle's success is GSC's success, so we're invested in contributing to the growth of HRC's firearms eCommerce in any way we can. This means managing Hamilton Rifle's full digital suite - social media, email, rich content, and marketing automation. It also allows us to think "outside the box" in terms of digital marketing strategies, trying new tactics and experimenting with emerging channels to try to get Hamilton Rifle's brand in front of as many targeted potential consumers as possible. We're thrilled for the opportunity to stretch our gun sales wings through this exciting new partnership.

If you're a firearms or gun parts company looking to grow your brand or increase your online sales, contact us today to learn more about how GSC can be a partner for your gun store eCommerce project.