Rules for Gun Sales for Amazon, Ebay, & Google Ads

As consumers are well aware, Amazon makes up the largest percentage of online sales. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much for the sale of firearms. Selling firearms online can be a tricky business to navigate because of the strict rules put in place for online retailers. While Amazon may not be the place to sell gun products, there may be other options. Let’s explore the opportunities and restrictions on selling guns online. Keep in mind, these are general rules for across the United States. Certain rules and restrictions for firearm eCommerce may vary by state. 

Gun Sales On Amazon

While Amazon would be the number one place to sell products and parts online, Amazon strictly prohibits the sale of firearms on their site. Amazon also prohibits the sales of any ammunition with gun powder or lead. It allows for the sale of BBs, airsoft ammunition, paintball pellets, and plastic non-explosive training aids. The sale of any kind of explosives like fireworks, metal grenade replicas, and grenade launchers are all strictly prohibited. Most firearm listings are prohibited on Amazon. The only permitted guns allowed to be sold are airsoft guns, toy guns, water guns, and non-powdered weapons. Most firearm accessories are also prohibited. The allowed listings generally included gun safety accessories or accessories for the authorized guns like airsoft, BB guns, or paintball guns. Amazon has extremely strict stipulations about firearm listings. Most firearm eCommerce do not transpire through Amazon. See Amazon Firearm Rules Here

Gun Sales On eBay

The sale of firearms is prohibited on eBay, however, they do allow the listing of gun parts and accessories that adhere to strict guidelines. The long list of firearm sales on eBay consists of firearm receivers, full kits for creating firearms, silencers, high capacity magazines, ammunition, bump stock fires, and grenade launchers. Firearm accessory sales are allowed if they clearly identify the part being sold and what firearm it fits. The sale of slides, barrels, and trigger assemblies are allowed if the proper protocol is followed. 

See eBay Firearm Rules Here

Google Ads Policy For Firearm eCommerce

Google specifically prohibits ads for any device that “appears to discharge a projectile at high velocity”. This includes any gun including airsoft guns, paintball guns, hunting guns, bb guns, and handguns. Google does not take any risks in promoting ads for firearms, and therefore, has a zero-tolerance for any ads within the category. This means Google also prohibits ads for any components, ammunition, or instructional material about guns. The only Google Ads allowed to show are parts that are associated with gun safety like trigger locks, safety pins, and gun locks. Additionally, Google bans ads on any other products that can be considered weapons like knives, brass knuckles, and pepper spray. 

Find More Information on Google Ads Policy Here

The sale of firearms online is a tricky business which is why it is very helpful to have a marketing and development company with experience working in the department. It is very difficult/ impossible to sell guns on most popular eCommerce sites; therefore, it is mandatory that GunShop Commerce businesses build a unique and captivating website that is easy to maneuver, edit, and sell online, as well as, exceptional search engine optimization to bring the business listing to the top of Google and Yahoo searches. It is also important to use a platform with a high domain authority to keep the website from being categorized as spam. The proprietary platform, Bullzeye CMS, that E-dreamz uses to build sites starts with a high domain authority to help new sites rank well with Google. 

Site Summary 

Firearm sales online can be a complex and confusing process. The sale of all products online is growing and gun sales are no exception, however, the method differs from standard goods. There are a lot of rules and regulations that come in to play while selling gun products on major e-commerce sites. Because the typical avenue of sales can not necessarily be used, it is important to have an exceptional firearms eCommerce website and a strong online presence.

If you are looking to build a gun shop eCommerce website or want more information on firearms eCommerce in general, contact GunShop Commerce today and we will get back to you shortly.