Tips For Preparing Your Online Gun Shop For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This year in particular, a lot of people will be doing their Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping online. With the COVID-19 pandemic and limiting restrictions in stores, people prefer to shop within the comfort of their own home. This year will also be a busy year for gun sales, as there will be a presidential election taking place just before Black Friday. 2020 has an opportunity to create a large influx of traffic and sales to eCommerce gun shops. Here are some ways to make sure you take advantage of this opportunity:

eCommerce Gun Shop Strategy Preparation For Black Friday And Cyber Monday: 

The first step to preparing for a Black Friday sale in any industry is to create a strategy and prepare. It is important to start your preparation early, particularly if you need to stock up on inventory. Brick and mortar stores may need to schedule extra personnel for Black Friday sales; however, eCommerce shops need to make sure the website is ready to receive a high influx of traffic at one time without crashing.  

eCommerce Gun Shop Audience Preparation For Black Friday And Cyber Monday:

Decide who your audience is and how you are going to get the word out to customers about the sale. You may decide to use more than one method. Typical methods include social media, email campaigns, and mailing cards. For social media and email marketing, you may want to tease the sale with several posts or emails leading up to potential sales. This helps get your audience excited about the sale and can give them time to share the information with friends who may also be interested. The key with this is to keep the customer guessing. If you give all of your sales away early, the customer will have nothing to look forward to on the sale day/weekend. 

eCommerce Gun Shop Discount Preparation For Black Friday And Cyber Monday:

Generally, businesses may lose money on specific sales in order to get people to their site in hopes of attracting more purchases or repeat customers. Keep in mind when pricing your sale items that you want the sale to be a big enough discount to get the person interested, but you do not want to put your business in jeopardy by low balling too deeply. Also, make sure to have other items with slight discounts and near or on the check out page to encourage people to buy more items. The other option is to use coupon codes sent out to customers via email and social media. Choose the option that will work best for your company, but remember, shoppers are looking for discounts. If they don’t see the immediate discount on your site, you may lose them. 

eCommerce Gun Shop Site Preparation For Black Friday And Cyber Monday:

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday we already know customers are expecting deals and discounts, so make these deals extremely easy to find by placing them on the homepage and/or in marketing banners at the top of your website. People are often in a hurry to find the best deals on the best site because they have been conditioned to know that companies sell out or do flash deals. Homepage deals will also make it easier for customers that are shopping from their phone. Like previously stated, be sure to include add-ons to their purchase during the checkout process i.e ammunition, holsters and scopes.