The Gun Shop Commerce marketing team brings together the rare blend of firearms industry knowledge & enthusiasm with the technical skills & aptitude of a top-tier digital marketing agency. We provide full-service marketing solutions in both traditional retainer-based relationships as well as modern performance-oriented partnerships. And with our own proprietary, custom-built Bullzeye CMS - we have exactly the right firearms eCommerce platform to power our clients' firearms and gun sales websites.

Bullzeye CMS Features | Firearms eCommerce Platform

True Custom-Built Website Development

At GSC, we don't rely on any common, open-sourced firearms eCommerce platforms. While products like Wordpress or Shopify might be great solutions for eCommerce sites in other industries, they simply don't fit the needs of high-volume online gun stores and firearms eCommerce. Through our proprietary Bullzeye CMS, we have a spec-built website engine that is designed to power the exact features and functions required for a top-end firearms eCommerce website.

FFL Management

One of the most important aspects of effectively selling firearms online is proper FFL management. Through our custom-built FFL management component, we can import the ATF's master database of licenses, flag which licenses your business has on file, present customers with easy to follow indicators of how to select an FFL for their order to be shipped to, and provide your administrators with notifications when licenses expire or new licenses are received.

Customized Product Data Imports

Through our Bullzeye Data Pump, we have a powerful product import utility that can be customized and configured to ingest product data from any file format or API. Our engineers can work with your product management or sourcing teams to develop a product import routine that is tailored to work for your business. Whether it's importing product exports direct from manufacturers or distributors, or connecting to another software system like an ERP, we can build the right solution to get your products on our website in a fast and effective way.

Future-Proof Support

We provide our Bullzeye CMS through a Software-as-a-Service model. Bullzeye is the website engine that powers every site Gunshop Commerce builds, markets and supports. We continually invest in the Bullzeye website platform to build new features, stay up to date on performance and security, and to ensure fast pages and a great customer experience. With Bullzeye, your website will never become old or obsolete. We keep you running in top shape for the long term.

Firearms Marketing Services | Gun Advertising Strategy

Customer Acquisition & Engagement

In the firearms industry, as in all others, every effective marketing strategy focuses primarily on generating leads, acquiring customers, garnering repeat business from current customers, and finding new channels and means of engaging with the people who support your products and your brand. Our industry-focused campaigns and strategies are primed to tap into the specific mindset of customers in the online gun sales and firearms industry.

Content & SEO Services | Firearms Marketing

The GSC team are Content Marketing, SEO experts in planning, crafting and disseminating optimized content that reaches the right audience and delivers the best response. With our best-in-class Firearms SEO strategy, content delivery, and social media management, we will get your products and info in front of as many new customers as possible - and track the data to provide your business with the means to most effectively capitalize on your content efforts.

Social, Email & PPC

While content and SEO are the foundation of our marketing strategies, we also run targeted campaigns through social media, email marketing, and (if your products are allowed!) paid advertising. While many PPC programs exclude guns and firearms, some gun parts and accessories can be marketed in this way. GSC has the knowledge and talent to help you understand the most effective strategies to deliver the best bang for your buck with your marketing dollars.

Marketing Automation

Conceptualizing, planning and implementing an omni-channel marketing approach is only half the battle - the other half is putting in the necessary man hours to sustain it. With our suite of cutting edge marketing automation tools, we can ensure ongoing routine touch points through email, social and other actions - and track all the data that helps inform you on where your business is succeeding and growing online.  


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